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Life in the UK test: the new changes in the test

A revised and newer Life in the UK test aimed at new immigrants wanting to settle permanently or indefinitely in Britain, has been unveiled.

According to the Home Office, the revised Life in the UK exam will be replacing the current one and anyone taking the exam on or after 23 March 2013 will have to take the exam based on the revised syllabus.  The exam, according to the Home Office, will focus more on the UK’s culture and past and emphasises more on topics such as key historical facts, music and sport and less on the practicalities of day to day life in the UK.

The new test will expect the immigrant to know British history as far as the Stone Age, including the history about the Romans, Norman invasion and the Magna Carta; the immigrants, however, will also be expected to know about current events such as last year’s Olympics.

According to the Guardian newspaper, the new life in the UK test syllabus includes British cultural and artistic heritage, music legends such as Henry Purcell to the Beatles and Andrew Lloyd Webber; as well as the nation’s museum and national parks.

Immigrants will also be asked how much they know about the nation’s artistic achievements and the work of influential architects e.g.  Christopher Wren and Norman Foster. And questions such as the UK’s love for garden and its design!

The new test will also examine the would-be citizens to show their understanding on literary masterpieces by writers such as Jane Austen and Wilfred Owen and poets like Geoffrey Chaucer to William Shakespeare.  Questions will also include the lives of some of Britain’s most famous scientists and politicians including Isaac Newton and Winston Churchill.

Last year more than 150,000 Life in the UK tests were taken nationally.

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