On the day of the Life in the UK test

On the day of Life in the UK test

” My spouse had to take the test for her Indefinite Leave to Remain and we had booked the test online on Home Office website. The fee which was ¬£50 pounds was also paid online using her debit card. On the day of the test which was at Exeter Central Library, we arrived about 1 hour before the test started. As advised on the Home Office website, we had taken her Indian passport, an utility bill which was in her name, and the test booking confirmation letter which we had downloaded and printed after booking the test.

Around half an hour before the test was due, we, with other test takers, were briefed by one of the Learn Direct (the centre which conducted the test on behalf of the Home Office) instructor that all applicant would have to confirm their name, address and date of birth verbally and failing to do so will result in an automatic fail. Once the briefing was finished, all applicants were taken to the test room and their identity was confirmed. All applicants then were told to return to reception area and wait.

After a few more minutes of wait, all applicants were then taken to the test room where they were going to take their test online. The test lasts for 45 minutes and before you start the actual test, there is a short mock test the applicants can take so that they are familiar with the computer and how the test works. Applicants are not allowed to talk or even murmur as it can result in eviction from the test room.

Some applicants were quick to finish the test early and therefore had to wait in reception area for everyone to finish. Once all applicants were back, the test results started to come out in on an A4 size paper. Fortunately my wife had also passed and was given a “Pass letter”.

We were also told that the pass result would also be sent to the Home Office electronically however, we were warned not to lose or damage the result letter as in such condition the applicant would have to resit the test.

It is advisable to follow the instructions what “Life in the UK” test booking site asks you to. Take the required documents ( original passport, utility bill, test booking confirmation etc) and arrive at the test centre at least 45 minutes to an hour early. The whole procedure takes around two and half to three hours”.

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