How to get a copy of UK naturalisation certificate? If it is lost or damaged.

If for some reason your UK naturalisation certificate has been damaged or lost, then you would need to apply for a replacement copy especially if you have not yet applied for your UK passport for which you would need to send the original UK naturalisation certificate as a proof of UK citizenship.

The UK passport office only accepts the naturalisation certificate if it is legible and is in a good original condition. And if the certificate does not meet these conditions, it will be sent back to you. One very important thing to remember is that never laminate the naturalisation certificate as doing so apparently makes it void and unacceptable for the purpose of processing your UK passport application.

Upadate: You can apply for a lost or damaged certificate in two ways; you can apply online or by applying by post. In both cases you would need to pay £250 but applying online may be faster.

If you want to apply online, just follow the instructions on Gov.UK link below;

Replace or correct a UK citizenship certificate

If you have to or would like to apply by post, then read on:

How to apply for a second copy of UK naturalisation certificate?

1.    You would need to complete an application form for a duplicate naturalisation or citizenship certificate. The form is called FORM NC which you can download from site HERE.
2.    Once downloaded, fill out the details asked in the NS form. The form is pretty much straightforward and only needs some basic information. You will also need to fill out the details of any Home Office Reference No. (this can be found on any letters you may have received from the Home Office in relation to your visa, indefinite leave to remain or biometric card).
3.    If you are applying on the basis that your old certificate has been lost then you would need to report the issue to the police.

4.  Once the NS form is filled out, you would need to fill the payment slip by downloading it HERE  At the time of writing (March 2017) the fee for obtaining a duplicate UK naturalisation certificate was £198 (note that the current fee has gone up to £250 since 6 April 2018) which is way higher than obtaining a duplicate copy of a UK birth certificate. Comparatively, if a British Citizen needs a  copy of his or her birth certificate the request can be  dealt in a week and costs only £11 using the standard  service; and for a premium service the fee is £23.40 and  takes about 2-4 days.

Similarly, if someone requests a Certified copy of a Certificate of British citizenship from the National Archives, it only takes around 16 working days and costs £27.15 plus postage.

The payment for a copy of naturalisation certificate can be made by credit/debit card, or you can pay by a cheque. Make the cheque payable to The Accounting Officer, Home Office.


Once the FORM NS is complete with the required information and payment, send it off by (preferably) secure post to:
Department 1
The Capital
New Hall Place
L3 9PP


How long does it take to receive a copy of UK naturalisation certificate?

Though there is not an estimated time guideline quoted on the Home Office website for obtaining a copy of naturalisation certificate, when we phoned up the Home Office we were told that it could generally take up to 12 weeks.

24 comments on “How to get a copy of UK naturalisation certificate? If it is lost or damaged.

  1. Werner

    I have complete the above documt and include fee to retain a copy of my naturalisation cert. However the money has been taken I have no indication from goverment as to what will hapen next. It has been 4 weeks.
    I am unable to locate any telephone numbers to contact the gome office to discuss this.
    Could anyone advise?

    1. Nigel Goddard

      Hi, I’m about to start this process, did you get your certificate copy? Just trying to find out how long it is taking.

  2. anna znidericz

    i need proof of my fathers british citizenship…he is dead 20 years? How do i go about getting this please?

  3. MS Haaris

    HMPO lost my British Citizenship Registration certificate while applying for my son’s passport. They told me that i have to apply for the replacement. I applied for the replacement certificate about six months ago – but i haven’t yet received it.
    Does anyone know where i should contact or is it possible to track my application?

  4. Ross

    Mine took more than 1 year & half and I am still waiting for my certificates the funny thing my debit card expired this month so I am not sure what to do? Any of you pass through it?


  5. Debbie

    For duplicate naturalization certificate. Do I need to send my passport? I start to apply online & stated it’s a must?

  6. Marie

    I thought this might help some people because I was over panicking from Reading other people’s posts. I sent my application towards the end of February 2019. I noticed they took the money out of my account on March 12 and I received my copy on the 21 March 2019. So it took a little over a month. For those of you who’s just about to start the process, please don’t stress too much. I’m sure everything will be fine.

    1. Alexa

      I have applied online on the 26th of April and paid the fee online. Now the application is all online, no payment slip was needed as I had to pay online.

      I know it has been only a week since I applied but I am now terrified since I read the posts here that people have been waited for a year????? I had to send my original Romanian passport so why on earth would an application for a duplicate piece of paper take longer than the application for British citizenship itself which took only 6 weeks? I am new terrified.

    2. Alexa

      Marie, did you receive both current passport and the certificate in one package? I was asked on the form I filled in online to send my original passport as proof of ID and the damaged naturalisation certificate.

  7. Malik shahzaib ulfat

    can i get my father citizenship certificate copy? because my father death is in UK and he is buried in UK her citizenship certificate is in UK and now i need this certificate because i want to apply for British passport and According to UK British embassy rules i need to show this certificate as a evidence

  8. Malik shahzaib ulfat

    can i get my father citizenship certificate copy? because my father death is in UK and he is buried in UK her citizenship certificate is in UK and now i need this certificate because i want to apply for British passport and According to UK British embassy rules i need to show this certificate as a evidence Sir please guide me about this

  9. Gk

    The process is smooth and simple:
    1. Go online, open an account
    2. Fill in the online form
    3. Pay the fee (250 pounds)
    4. Send the application
    5. Download the required document (most likely current passport)
    6. Send to the given address (passport)
    7. You will probably get it returned back with a week
    8. Duplicate certificate will arrive a week later

    1. Aida

      I’ve done steps 1-4 however I don’t know where I’m supposed to find the required documents checklist could someone please help.

      1. Alexa

        Aida, after making the payment you should be able to print the document checklist.

        This is what I received on my email after making the payment:

        “What you need to do next
        If any documents are required from you, you must send your document checklist and supporting documents to the address on the checklist.

        Sign in to your application to print your checklist.”

        So you have to make the payment and then you will be able to print the confirmation and document checklist.

  10. Alexa

    Ok, so I have received my copy of the citizenship certificate. I applied online on the 26th of April 2019, sent my EU passport and damaged certificate by post the same day by Special Delivery, arrived to the Home Office and signed for on the 29th of April 2019. And I received the copy of my citizenship certificate and my EU passport on the 23rd of May 2019. So a little over 3 weeks.

  11. Jason Taylor

    I sent my application off on the 29th March 2019 and I still haven’t heard anything from them. I received payment confirmation immediately. Now nothing, I rang them to see that they got my application to be told that they no longer give confirmation and you can’t chase up application. Just wondering if there is any guidance on how long these applications can take.

    1. Iliana

      Please could you tell if you sent any documents after filling the online form?
      I have to apply soon and here I can see many people are confused what to do.
      Please share your experiences.
      Thank you.

  12. RA

    I applied for my duplicate certificate, made payment, but page got stuck on payment. I then received an email stating the payment confirmation, logged back in and doesn’t have documents checklist. Am a little worried as I now don’t know if I need to send my current passport or not.

    1. FR

      RA, What happened with your duplicate certificate?
      I’m in the same situation now- I applied online, received payment confirmation and I can’t see any document checklist!
      What’s next! I’m really worried!

  13. zakhi

    I have applied for duplicate certificate online on 16 july and paid £250 and I posted the passport on 17 july and it was signed on 18th july wondering how long will it take


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