United Kingdom: Facts you may be not aware of.

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Queen Elizabeth II legally owns more land than any other person on Earth. She is the head of state of the UK and as many as 31 other countries and territories. Her land ownership equals to around 6.6 billion acres of land; or in other words, one sixth of the earth’s non ocean land.

Every third man in Britain of Bangladeshi origin works as a waiter.

The Eiffel Tower and Margaret Thatcher share the same nickname as the former is known as La Dame de Fer (‘The Iron Lady’) in French.

In 1187, to show the unity between England and France,  Richard I of England and Philip II of France spent a night in the same bed.

In 1381, Chelmsford, in Essex was made the capital of England for one week by Richard II.

Red Bull is illegal in Denmark, Iceland, Norway, and Uruguay.

After loosing World Cup to Argentina on 30th June 1998 in penalty shoot-out,  for three days the number of heart attacks cases in England increased by 25%.

The cake prepared for the Queen Mother’s wedding in 1923 was more than half a ton in weight.

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