The T Charge in London: All that you need to know about the new charge.

Effective from today, Monday the 23rd of October 2017, vehicles would need to pay a T – Charge, otherwise known as Toxic Charge to drive in London.
Why the T Charge has been introduced?

It is to improve the air quality in London as the city’s pollution level in recent years has breached the EU limits.-

Who needs to pay for the T – Charge?

Vehicles of all sorts such as buses, lorries cars and vans would need to pay a T Charge if they do not meet the Euro 4/IV emissions standards. If your vehicle was registered before 1 January 2006 then there is a good chance that you would need to pay the T Charge.

What about quad bikes?

Unless your quad bikes and motorised cycle meet the Euro 3 emission standard, you will need to pay the charge.

What about the motor bikes – do they need to pay the T Charge?

Motorbikes are currently not subject to the T Charge.

How do I know if my vehicle meets or does not meet the Euro 4/IV emissions standards?

You can check if your vehicle would need to pay the T Charge or not by going on the Transport for London’s website

Who is exempt from paying the T Charge?

Motorbikes, taxis and vehicles for private hires currently do not have to pay the T Charge.

How much is the T Charge?

The charge will set you back at £11.50 a day on top of the daily congestion charge to drive in London.

Which areas in London are affected by the T Charge?

In the same areas where currently the Congestion Charge applies

What time and days does the T Charge applies on?

The T Charge is payable from 7 in the morning to 6 in the evening from Monday to Friday.

How do I find if my vehicle was registered before or after 1 January 2006?

It should be in your vehicle registration certificate (V5C), the Euro emission standard for newer vehicle can be found in section D.2. 

How to pay the T-charge?

You can pay by visiting the Transport of London website or by seting up the auto pay system.

What if I miss a payment after I have driven in the T Charge Zones?

If you fail to pay by midnight on the day of your driving in the charge zones, you would receive a Penalty Charge Notice.

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