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Settlement checking service is no longer available due to discontinuation.

The settlement checking service is run by various local authorities in England, Wales and Scotland. The service is primarily for people who are applying for settlement visa on the marital ground and are a partner, husband or wife of someone who is settled in or is a UK citizen. The applicants must be using the SET (M) form and should be near the end of their 2 year probationary visa.

The service checks if the SET (M) form is correctly filled out and has all the required documents as outlined by the form.

The service is by appointment only has a fee payable upfront at the time of booking.

Currently the fee is around £70 to £100 depending on which local authority you are booking an appointment with.

A list of all the local authorities who are running this service can be found at by clicking here.

On the day of the appointment a trained officer checks if your SET (M) form is correctly filled out and is supported by all the required documents and that you have paid the required visa fee. All the original documents are photocopied, certified and then posted to the Home Office by secure post.

Points to note: you are supposed to attend the appointment with your husband, wife or partner. If you cannot do this then you will have to put this in writing stating the reason behind it.

You cannot book an appointment if there are more than 28 days remaining on your two year probationary visa before it runs out.

The service does not provide any immigration advice.

This service is not to be confused with premium service appointment provided by public enquiry offices. Premium enquiry service is run by the Home Office which takes decision on your visa application on the same day. Settlement checking service, as the name suggests, makes sure that your forms and required fees are in order.

If your leave to remain in the UK is going to expire before your appointment is due or if you cannot attend the appointment then make sure you send your application directly to the Home Office with all the required original documents.

On the day of your appointment make sure you have following with you:
(a) A completed SET M application form filled out as per the guidance notes.
(b) Your life in the UK test certificate (if you are applying before 28 October 2013) and a certificate in English at B1 CEFR or higher, or at its corresponding level.
(c) All original documents as set out in SET (M).
(d) Correct visa fee for your application.

The main benefits of using this service is that you will have a complete and correctly filled out application form. It also reduces the chance of the application being rejected. Moreover, you can keep all the original documents once they are checked and photocopied.

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