Financial requirement for Indefinite leave to remain

Financial requirement of £18600 to sponsor your partner:

Since July 2012 applicants who want to come to the UK as a spouse, fiancé or dependent on settlement visa would need to show that they earn enough to live in the UK without claiming benefits. To meet the financial eligibility the applicant or his sponsor would have to prove that either sufficient money is available to them (such as savings),  or they a yearly income as specified by the UKBA.

How much money or income would be required? If you are employed or self-employed, the current immigration law requires you to earn at least £18600 per year before tax or your gross income. But note that this amount is only applicable if you have no children. In cases where the main applicant is sponsoring children as well, the yearly income would be higher.

Currently if you are sponsoring your partner or spouse and have one child, the yearly income has to be £18600  + £3600 for the first child making the total yearly income to be £22200. Any additional child will add extra £2400 each. For example if you are sponsoring your partner and two children, your yearly income has to be £18600 + £3600 + £2400 making the whole yearly income to be £24600. In short, the more children you have, the higher the income which you will need to show.

Who does not have to meet the income requirement? People who are not working due to disability and are on receipt of certain benefits to support themselves do not need to meet this requirement. 

Currently if the sponsor is receiving one of the following would not need to meet the income requirement:

Disability Living Allowance
Severe Disablement Allowance
Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit
Attendance Allowance
Carers Allowance

Anyone who is claiming one of the above benefits will be exempt from meeting the income requirement but NOTE that even then a sufficient income has to be shown to prove that the sponsored person/s can live in the UK without needing help from the government. The income received by above benefits can not be used to support the third party.

An applicant who is already a British Citizen (for example a child) at the time of application.

An applicant who already has an Indefinite leave to remain.

EEA national

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