English tests for settlement visas.

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UK settlement visa for family members.

Anyone applying for a UK settlement visa on the basis of a family member of a person who is settled in the UK will be required to pass one of the English tests and or Life in the UK test before he or she is granted a UK settlement visa.

Since the last few years The Home Office has been introducing new rules on a constant basis for anyone who wants to settle down in the UK. This has required that people must pass an English test and Life in the UK test. The same rule applies if you are going to apply for British citizenship, i.e, naturalisation.

Which English tests are needed? 
Which English test applicants need to pass depends on what type of UK visa he or she will apply for. Following are some of the situations where an appropriate English test or Life in the UK test or both would be required.

Entry clearance as a partner or spouse of a British national:  English test required at A1 level
Further leave to remain:  English test required at A1 level
Indefinite Leave to remain: English test required at B1 level
UK Citizenship (Naturalisation): English test required at B1 level

How and where to take these English tests?
A1 test is equal to Cambridge English: KET (also known as Key English Test). That means if you pass the KET you would meet the requirement of passing A1 test. This test can be taken both inside the UK and many other countries. Contact your nearest British Council or visit Cambridge English (English language requirements for UK visas) for finding an approved centre.

B1 test requirement can be met by passing a Cambridge English KET  (also known as Key English Test). The only difference is that you would need to pass the test with better grades.  If you pass the above test with with Distinction and have Exceptional grades in all required elements such as listening and speaking, you would have achieved B1 level.

B1 level is also needed for naturalisation as a UK citizen. The test can be achieved by passing the Cambridge English: KET (also known as Key English Test) however your overall result have to be passed by Distinction and the grades in the  listening and speaking components have to be Exceptional.

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