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1. Whose powers were limited by the Bill of Rights of 1689?
  1. The King
  2. Parliament
  3. House of Lords
  4. Judges
2. Which of the following takes place when members of Parliament hold surgeries?
  1. Members of the public discuss issues of concern with thier MP
  2. Members of the public raise national issues
  3. Member of the public support their MP
  4. Member of the public raise their issue with GPs
3. Which of the following sports is Bobby Moore associated with?
  1. Cricket
  2. Rugby
  3. Football
  4. Water polo
4. Which TWO of the following novels written by Charles Dickens?
  1. Lord of flies
  2. Great Expectations
  3. Pride and Prejudice
  4. Oliver Twist
5. To help environment you can reduce carbon footprint by
  1. Buying locally produced products
  2. Buying organic products
  3. Buying products marked as Fair Trade
  4. Buying cheaply priced products
6. What was the important aspect of the Habeas Corpus Act of 1679?
  1. It made sure no person could be held unlawfully
  2. It allowed people to do whatever they wished
  3. It allowed people to buy property abroad
  4. It allowed women to vote
7. Which TWO are British overseas territories?
  1. Isle of Man
  2. St. Helena
  3. Falkland Islands
  4. Hong Kong
8. What is the minimum age for voting in a General Election in the UK?
  1. 16
  2. 18
  3. 21
  4. 25
9. What was the name of the plague of 1348 which caused the deaths of third of the populations of England, Wales and Scotland?
  1. The White Death
  2. The Blue Death
  3. The Black Death
  4. The Orange Death
10. On 1st of April people in the UK play jokes on each other
  1. True
  2. False
11. Which of the following is a famous Stone Age site in the UK?
  1. Globe Theatre
  2. Stonehenge
  3. Nelson’s Column
  4. Windsor Castle
12. Who opens the new parliamentary session each year?
  1. The Prime Minister
  2. The House of Lords
  3. The Archbishop of Canterbury
  4. The Queen
13. Where did the Vikings come from?
  1. Austria and Germany
  2. Denmark and Norway
  3. France and Spain
  4. Turkey and Egypt
14. Which TWO are included in the European Convention on Human Rights?
  1. Freedom of thought, conscience and religion
  2. The right to use violence if needed
  3. The right to borrow money
  4. Prohibition of slavery and forced labour
15. Who was given the title of Lord Protector in the 17th century?
  1. King Charles II
  2. Oliver Cromwell
  3. Queen Victoria
  4. Adam Smith
16. What type of government system does the UK have?
  1. Parliamentary democracy
  2. Republican democracy
  3. Multi party communism
  4. Absolute monarchy
17. Which TWO of the following were introduced before the First World War (1914)?
  1. Child Tax Credit
  2. (NHS) National Health Service
  3. State pension
  4. Free school meals
18. Which jubilee did Queen Elizabeth II celebrate in 2012?
  1. Silver Jubilee
  2. Golden Jubilee
  3. Diamond Jubilee
  4. Platinum Jubilee
19. Which of the following products did the UK produce over half the world’s supply in the 19th century?
  1. Beer
  2. Wheat
  3. Corn
  4. Iron
20. Which group of people were associated with the term ‘suffragettes?’
  1. Children
  2. Immigrants
  3. Women
  4. Men
21. Which TWO actions can be taken by a judge if a public body is not respecting someone’s legal rights?
  1. Imprison its members
  2. Order them to pay compensation
  3. Close down the public body
  4. Order the public body to change its practices
22. When people say ‘rain stopped play’, which sport are they referring to?
  1. Basket ball
  2. Rugby
  3. Cricket
  4. Car race
23. Which TWO plants are associated with the UK?
  1. Shamrock
  2. Pine
  3. Rose
  4. Olive
24. In British history, what does D-Day refer to?
  1. Allied forces landing in Normandy
  2. Dropping of the atom bomb on Japan
  3. The Falklands War
  4. The Wars of the Roses
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